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Three Trends Bringing Integrators and Distributors Together

Developing economic and technology challenges are strengthening the relationship

Against the backdrop of changing economic circumstances, security integrators are seeing how lingering supply chain disruptions, skilled labor shortages, and technology advances are shaping their business, and in turn, their relationships with their distributor partners.

Distributors have always played an important role in helping integrators differentiate themselves in the marketplace, but the challenges that integrators must navigate today are making this relationship even more indispensable. Integrators are increasingly leaning on their distributor partners to keep projects on time and on schedule, leverage existing resources and relationships to improve business outcomes and manage the complexity and potential of emerging technologies.

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This article was originally published in January 2024 by Security Business Magazine. Reprinted with permission of the publisher.

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Tara Dunning, VP Sales, Global Security and Network Infrastructure
Tara Dunning joined Wesco in 2021 as Vice President of Global Security, focused on driving advancement, analyzing go-to-market approaches and rising to meet emerging trends across segments, verticals and geographies. Dunning has had a successful career delivering transformative growth in the IT and OT industries, holding multiple sales and strategy positions across global distribution, manufacturer and service provider companies.

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