Historic Public Market Modernizes Electrical Infrastructure

A renowned public market in a nationally recognized historic location was facing numerous challenges with outdated electrical infrastructure. Over a century old, it houses dozens of unique vendors selling sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, seafood, and other delicacies. The market needed a solution that would simplify tenant and management experiences while increasing overall operational efficiencies. It began a revitalization project that included installing an updated submetering system from Leviton.

Energy Savings at a New Level

Leviton’s VerifEye™ submetering solutions are a comprehensive and cost-effective way to manage energy consumption. One of the customer’s main goals was to simplify and modernize management operations while accurately billing vendors. Leviton’s submetering solutions offered clear and customized results in the market’s new renovations.

Leviton VerifEye Bundle

Leviton's VerifEye™ Bundle

Proof of Performance  

Due to the close quarters and sheer number of vendors in the market, the Series 2000 multiple meter units (MMUs) were a vital component to this solution. Designed for commercial multi-tenant applications, the MMUs require a minimal amount of space, hardware, and installation time while housing multiple occupants. The VerifEye™ solution has immense potential to be built upon for future expansions.

The VerifEye™ software offers a broad energy management platform for the VerifEye™ submetering solution. This software collects submeter data and generates billing and data reports using customizable fields. The software is a complete management system, equipped with 24/7 monitoring and trend spotting. Realized benefits include:

  • Two story, 35,000 square feet of submeter coverage
  • Real-time energy usage measurements in monthly, daily and 15-minute time intervals for each vendor
  • Increased cash flow and net operating income from efficient operations



Historic public market


  • Cluttered heap of exposed wires behind vendor stations that created an electrically unsound condition and liability
  • Outdated electrical infrastructure had no universal management solution, making it difficult to implement conservation measures
  • Difficulty in accurate tenant billing and payments due to the irregular patchwork of varied metering systems


  • VerifEye™ submetering solutions
  • Series 2000 submeters with multiple meter unit (MMU) enclosures
  • VerifEye™ software


  • Accurate recording of energy consumption data and streamlined reporting in real time
  • Modernized, clean, and ecofriendly space for both vendors and visitors
  • Automatically generated electrical bills for individual vendors based on actual usage

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