Small Towns Gain the Benefits of Smart Grids


When two different municipalities in the Midwest started to evaluate options to upgrade their existing utility meters, they turned to Wesco for answers. Both utilities had established longstanding relationships with Wesco and recognized us as a trusted partner and solutions provider. The towns needed to upgrade their existing utility metering equipment and were exploring ways to lay a smart grid foundation that would allow them to provide enhanced applications and services to their residents. Both towns were also interested in improving the operational efficiency of their utility services.


After an extensive review process with both customers, Wesco decided to implement the Tantalus TUNet solution. It gave the utilities in both towns the best value from their existing infrastructure investments while also helping them plan for a more modernized and efficient electrical grid. The TUNet overlay solution allowed the utilities to utilize their previously deployed Itron encoder receiver transmitter (ERT) modules. A fraction of the Itron ERT meters deployed widely in the past were replaced with Tantalus’ TUNet two-way, near real-time communications platform to deliver data via collectors and repeaters. The TUNet meters were strategically placed around the towns to deliver data to the network and simultaneously read the legacy ERT transmitters that remained in use. This saved the communities thousands of dollars. The TUNet module is a small device containing computing power and a radio transmitter/receiver that fits under the meter’s glass. It makes it possible to analyze, send and receive vital data from the meter via the two-way RF network.


The TUNet solution provided the utilities with a scalable, highly secure AMI network that ensures an easy migration path to future technologies and is time-synchronized for tightly coordinated load control and system performance monitoring. This solution provides them with a cost-effective path to advanced smart grid technology by utilizing existing infrastructure. By incorporating the utilities’ prior investment in Itron ERT technology with the Tantalus TUNet platform, Wesco delivered a solution that not only gave the utilities advanced smart grid technology but also extends the value of their current investments.


Two midwestern municipalities


  • Outdated utility metering equipment
  • Needed to build a smart grid foundation


  • Tantalus TUNet


  • Improved efficiency, reliability, and customer service experiences
  • Improved metering accuracy
  • Remote meter reading, connect and disconnect capabilities
  • Faster outage response times
  • Electricity theft identification capabilities


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