According to the department of energy, the healthcare industry spends over $6.5B in energy each year.


According to the department of energy, the healthcare industry spends over $6.5B in energy each year.  For nonprofits, $1 in energy saved is equivalent to generating $20 in new revenue. In for-profits, a 5% energy reduction is equivalent to raising earnings per share by a penny. WESCO Energy Solutions offers a wide variety of products and solutions to secure, maintain and enhance energy efficiency at your facility. 

Hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and medical office suites present unique challenges when upgrading to energy-efficient solutions. Maintaining the privacy, comfort, and health of patients and residents throughout a full facility upgrade requires a detailed installation plan. Upgrading lighting, networked controls, and HVAC systems give healthcare professionals and patients the ability to adapt the environment to their own preferences. Lighting in particular can have a positive effect on how patients feel, physiologically and psychologically.

We effectively supply healthcare facilities with dataCom, lighting, lamps, and wiring devices to suit their operational needs. We aim to streamline and scale healthcare operations while maximizing safety. Lighting for healthcare facilities should supply quality illumination while adhering to infection and sanitation standards. While virus mitigation measures, solar PV, and electric vehicle charging stations improve the safety and reliability of the facility - a full facility energy-efficient upgrade also has a positive impact on operational and energy costs.    

We maintain a humanist approach to healthcare lighting and are acutely aware of which areas in medical settings should receive varying levels of illumination. With so many variables that factor into providing quality patient care, expertise in properly lighting your facility is mandatory. At WESCO Energy Solutions, we embrace the lighting and electrical challenges healthcare institutions often face and provide cutting-edge solutions to exceed their expectations. 


Benefits of an Energy Upgrade: 

  • LED lighting to reduce energy consumption by up to 70%.  
  • Customizable networked lighting controls offer better functionality, flexibility, and monitoring.
  • Smart controls offer remote access and motoring, as well as the ability to make data-driven decisions to reduce energy consumption even more.
  • UV disinfection, biometric screening, and bipolar ionization create a healthier working and healing environment.
  • Rooftop HVAC units can be coated with products engineered to significantly extend the life span of the system, improve performance, and reduce energy consumption.
  • Water conservation measures help lower utility costs, ensure the future availability of resources, and convey a commitment to environmentally sustainable practices.
  • Installing electric vehicle charging stations support the green practices of your patients, visitors, and staff.
  • Generating energy on-site with solar photovoltaic panels reduces utility costs and provides future-proof energy rates.

WESCO Energy Solutions works with healthcare facilities every day to help them design and install the latest in energy-efficient solutions to lower overhead costs and create healing spaces. WESCO has achieved millions of dollars in energy savings for their healthcare clients over the years and significantly improved patient experience. Our team of industry-leading professionals works with our clients to ensure a seamless installation, designed to minimize day-to-day disruption of activities with a precise installation plan closely coordinated with facility managers.