In California, the desire to make buildings achieve energy-efficiency and to preserve outdoor and indoor environmental quality led to the establishment of The California Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standard. Today, becoming and remaining compliant with Title 24 is an important aspect of building management for all buildings in the state – including those that make up the California Bay Area School District. As one of the nation’s largest school districts, it serves over 17,000 students.

Making sure that all aspects and provisions of government regulations and guidelines are followed properly can be a complicated and challenging task.

For that reason, California Bay Area School District officials decided to work with WESCO Lighting. Our experience, reliability, and scope of services made us the ideal partner. This multi-phase lighting retrofit project included interior and exterior lighting solutions for 25 schools, including specialty areas like gymnasiums and libraries, as well as a mechanic shop and warehouse at the district office. Upgrades to LED fixtures and installing local controls to maximize energy savings were key elements of the associated work.

Key Highlights:

  • Surveyed over 8,600 fixtures
  • Installed 2,300 lamps and ballasts
  • Installed over 5,000 retrofit and new fixtures

The results of this effort included energy savings of over 1.5 million KwH and a simple payback period after a rebate of 5 years. More importantly, the upgrades created a safer, healthier, and more productive environment for the students of California Bay Area’s School District.