For almost 20 years, WESCO Energy Solutions has been working with this Mid-Atlantic & Southeastern grocery chain to support their efforts to reduce operating costs and maximize efficiencies. Our team has worked in more than 1,000 stores to create, maintain and install custom lighting solutions designed to provide the easiest shopping experience while maximizing energy savings.

  • Re-lamp on a four-year schedule for all stores
  • LED ceiling retrofits performed yearly
  • Design lighting solutions to include the use of proper temperature colors to enhance the customer experience
  • Upgrade lighting in produce preparation areas in all stores
  • Includes exterior re-lamps for façade and parking


  • Yearly total kWh savings: 8,438,693
  • Yearly average kWh savings per store: 81,929
  • Maintenance Plan in place servicing 1,028 stores each month
  • Enhanced store aesthetics
  • Enhanced exterior safety