When one of the largest and fastest-growing retailers in the world launched a new energy-savings initiative, their wide variety of store layouts and existing lighting technologies presented complex challenges. To meet the project’s enormous scale, they turned to WESCO Energy Solutions.

WESCO Energy Solution’s wide range of services and solutions allowed it to provide full project management, including store surveys and audits; material stocking and distribution; work scheduling with local store managers; permit application and approval; and sub-contractor management. In addition, a streamlined rebate and proposal process was developed. As a result of the project’s size, WESCO Energy Solutions established dedicated product warehouses and secured additional suppliers to ensure the highest quality of service and uninterrupted supplies.

Key Highlights:

  • A turn-key solution through WESCO Lighting
  • Upgraded over 5,500 retail stores with a total of over 74 million square feet
  • Achieved a project payback in under 5 years
  • Reduced standard retrofit time by 75% without sacrificing quality, completing most sites within a single visit
  • Reduced energy cost by $35 million
  • Received rebates of over $13 million