Addressing the Risks of Aging Plant Technology


Addressing the Risks of Aging Plant Technology

Volume 1: Automation Insights

In an era where hardware and software are aging faster than ever before, plant managers must be proactive when it comes to managing and replacing technology.

In our February 2024 Automation Insights Webinar, Wesco’s Nathan Daley discusses why it’s imperative that industrial facility managers continue to modernize, and how they can be strategic when migrating to newer systems. During this short presentation, you’ll learn about:

  1. The risks of aging technology, including increased downtime and security vulnerabilities
  2. The drivers pushing customers to migrate
  3. Common barriers to migration
  4. Specific plant infrastructure that should be evaluated
  5. How Wesco and Rockwell can help you identify areas of improvement and potential risks by examining the health of your plant floor assets, operations and processes


Nathan Daley


Nathan Daley - Specialist, Industrial Automation
Nathan Daley is a member of the Wesco Automation Solutions team, supporting Rockwell Automation’s authorized sales locations. He joined Wesco in 2018, becoming one of a select few distributor sales reps to complete Rockwell’s sales training program. Nathan also provides technical support for variable frequency drives and motor control center and motion projects.

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