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How Pre-Fab Solutions Boost Labor Productivity

A look at the use cases and best practices

Imagine hiring a five-star chef and expecting them to not only prepare a meal but also create the menu, shop for groceries, purchase all the cooking supplies, and even chop vegetables. You wouldn’t do that, of course, for two main reasons. First, the low-skill prep work could be done long before the chef arrives. Second, you want the highly specialized (and highly paid) chef focused on what they do best: cooking the meal. You don’t want to waste money paying the chef to perform tasks that just about anyone could do. In a construction environment, the same theory applies. You want the highly skilled and specialized workforce to focus on areas that only they are equipped and licensed to perform.

One labor productivity solution that electrical contractors can leverage is prefabricated (or prefab) solutions. This can help contractors get the maximum value out of skilled labor, which also is expensive and in short supply. While using prefab solutions isn’t a new approach, labor shortages and an increasing desire to maximize profitability bring these solutions to the forefront as a mechanism to improve efficiency and effectiveness in today’s tight labor market. But while it can be helpful, prefab solutions don’t apply to every situation. There are certain types of projects where they may be more relevant than others.

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This article was originally published in March 2024 by EC&M. Reprinted with permission of the publisher.

Sean Nacey


Sean R. Nacey
Sean R. Nacey assumed the role of Senior Vice President & General Manager, U.S. Construction and Energy in 2023, supporting regional and national construction customers across North America. With decades of experience in P&L leadership, marketing, sales and integration, Sean helps construction contractors operate more efficiently, safely and profitably.

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