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Security Installations in a Wireless World

In recent years, building infrastructure has been redefined to include communication systems and broadband networks, with cabling playing as important a role in the foundation of a building as concrete and plumbing. Smart buildings and the Internet of Things (IoT), along with connected devices that deliver improvements and advances in the workplace, have accelerated this redefinition of what infrastructure entails.

Always-on connectivity is required to provide the benefits of smart buildings and IoT enablement, and without a future-ready infrastructure, a building simply cannot operate at maximum efficiency. Further, the pace of technological advancements is increasing the number of devices and the amount of data and power needed to make it all work. With technology outpacing every other life cycle in the built environment, the cost of technology refreshes far outstrips the initial investment in high-performance infrastructure.

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Bill Geary


Bill Geary
Bill became Wesco's Executive Vice President and General Manager – Communications & Security Solutions in July 2020, following Anixter’s merger with Wesco. Prior to this, he served as executive vice president of the Network & Security Solutions segment for Anixter since July 2017.

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