Alternative Tooling Sourcing Leads to Increased Productivity


It is not uncommon to see mature manufacturing facilities struggle with cutting tools that over the years have become obsolete. Wesco can take advantage of its broad portfolio of suppliers to identify new technologies and/or alternative products to help our suppliers mitigate these issues. Wesco's integrated supply services were able to help one of our hydraulics customers facing this same scenario with its cutting tools. 


Wesco facilitated the data exchange between our customer and supplier to start applying reverse engineering to produce a brand-new cutting tool. There were multiple sessions to review the new design to ensure that all tolerances were being met. The supplier was also known in the aerospace industry for having a special technology that had resulted in productivity improvements in other cutting tools. They were able combine that technology along with the customer's tolerance needs to deliver a new cutting tool at a more competitive price and better life span.

Savings Summary

Improved tool life and price point

50% productivity improvement

Mitigation of future stock outs

Significant cost savings on an annual basis